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The zLOCK System is an investigational device.


Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion System

The ZygoFix zLOCK system is a miniature implant that achieves spinal fusion and spinal stability without screws. The zLOCK implant is inserted inside the facet joint and anchors into both superior and inferior bones to immobilize motion.

The zLOCK’s unique construct, made from rigid titanium, adjusts its shape during implantation to accommodate the challenging facet anatomy and maintains its strength to resist the joint’s applied load and shear forces.

With zLOCK, the surgeon utilizes the natural construction of the vertebrae to provide spinal stability, and thereby eliminates the need to insert pedicle screws.

Due to its unique design and placement, zLOCK provides numerous advantages:

  • Lack of screws reduces procedure complexity

  • Percutaneous, minimally invasive approach can be performed in an outpatient setting

  • 2 incisions (one incision on each side of the spine) lead to a less traumatic procedure

  • Efficient bone growth and fusion (implant has porous texture)

  • Flexible design fits most any anatomy

No screws required. The procedure requires only one percutaneous incision per side.