Spinal fusion re-imagined

ZygoFix has re-imagined spinal fusion leveraging our natural bone structure in ways never thought of before

Minimally invasive Percutaneous

Minimally invasive


Porous design for efficient bone growth & fusion

Porous design for efficient bone growth & fusion

Simple procedure

Simple procedure

Two incisions (vs. 6 with pedicle screws)

Two incisions 

(vs. 6 with pedicle screws)



Seamless with anatomy

Seamless with


About Us

ZygoFix has developed a proprietary approach to spinal stabilization and spinal fusion. Our zLOCK implant is a unique 3D-Printed implant that utilizes our spine’s natural anatomy for spinal stability.

ZygoFix was established in 2017 by Professor Yizhar Floman and Uri Arnin. 


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Email:   info@zygofix.com

ZygoFix Ltd. Misgav Business Park, Israel

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